A lot people would love to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. The problem that most but the genetically gifted few have, is that the surplus calories needed for muscle gain often leads to an increase in some unwanted fat. Or, on the other hand if you[...]

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Car Pushing – High intensity muscle building and fat burning cardio

You’ve probably cottoned on to the fact that I feel really strongly training legs. If you use the analogy of building a house, you wouldn’t have weak foundations with solid brick on top. If you did, the whole thing would come crashing down. The body is the same. Your legs[...]

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Workout Routine to build bigger and stronger Legs

Having strong and healthy shoulders is crucial when it comes to physical activity. The shoulders are used in some way for most muscle building exercises. Bench press, military press, pull ups and even squats involve the shoulder muscles to varying degrees. The shoulder is the most mobile joint on the[...]

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7 Bodybuilding Tips to protect your Shoulders!

Opposing muscle Supersets to supercharge muscle gains One of my favourite muscle and strength building tactics is to use supersets in my training.  Super sets are a great way to boost your muscle gains, build endurance and also get more done in the gym in less time!  On some days,[...]

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Superset your way to lean and huge muscle gains

Starting out on the path to building muscle and strength can be quite daunting for beginners.  I was there myself once. There is so much information out there it’s hard to decide what program is best for you. A common mistake a lot of beginners make is trying to follow[...]

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Muscle and Strength Routine for Beginners

Protein powders mix easily into milk or water to create a drink you consume as a dietary supplement. The beverage you choose depends on your goals and personal preferences. Water and milk both allow you to benefit from the nutrition in whey, but milk may be more palatable and will[...]

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Drinking Protein Drinks With Milk or Water? What´s better?


 To let it out or to hold it back, that´s the question. The answer? Let it rip! A new study made in New Zealand found out that farting on airplane is healthy and really recommended. The Danish gastroenterologist Jacob Rosenberg got the unusual idea for the study after dealing with[...]

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Scientists: Why You Should Fart on Airplanes


Ronnie trains hard and lifts heavy, with low reps, but high repetitions. You now understand how important is nutrition to grow big, but lets not forget about the importance of the workout. Day 1:   Quads/Hams/Calves Exercises: Barbell Squat 3 sets of 10-15 reps Hack Squat 3 sets of 15-20[...]

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Ronnie Coleman´s Workout Routine


10:00 AM: 6-8 Nitrix Tabs Carbs 0g | Protein 0g | Fats 0g Total Calories: 0 10:30 AM: 3/4 cup of grits with cheese Carbs 18g | Protein 8g | Fats 6g 2 cups of egg whites Carbs 4g | Protein 53g | Fats 0g Cup of coffe Carbs 0g[...]

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Ronnie Coleman´s Diet Plan and Supplementation


 To gain muscle mass like Kai Greene follow the below given diet plan –   Meal 1 4 Egg Whites ¼ Shredded Cheddar Cheese 2 scallions 2 slices Ezekiel Bread 1 fruit like apple Meal 2 2 scoops Vanilla Protein Powder 1 cup blueberries 1 ounce Almonds 1 cup Vanilla[...]

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Kai Greene´s Diet Plan